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Oriental Rugs Buying Guide

Posted on April 10, 2014
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Oriental rugs have been made for more than 3,000 years. In fact, an Oriental rug that was woven some 2,500 years ago survives to this day and is on exhibit at the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad, Russia. The art of Oriental rug weaving traces its origins to ancient Persia (now Iraq) but the craft spread throughout Asia including China, India, Russia, Turkey, Tibet, Nepal and Pakistan. Thanks to the Crusades of the 11th, 12th and 13th Centuries, Oriental rugs were introduced to Western Europe and became popular in America during the 19th Century. Oriental rugs come in all colors, designs and sizes. What they all have in common is the fact that they are hand-knotted and hand-woven. The intricate process can take up to six months to complete.

If you’re looking for Oriental rugs online it’s best to shop at a secure and trusted site such as, which features a large selection of rugs made by the top manufacturers in the industry.  KAS Oriental Rugs offers a wealth of colorful, high-quality rugs at affordable prices, including the 2411 Teal Damask Area Rug - Anise collection by KAS Rugs. Made in China, these exquisitely crafted rugs feature large-scale versions of ancient Persian motifs with distinctive floral patterns and rich earth tones that radiate warmth and subtle beauty. With their hand-hooked, space-dyed yarn construction these stunning rugs will enhance any décor. Made of 100-percent polyester yarn, these extraordinarily soft and plush rugs are surprisingly durable and ready for everyday use.

Kas Anise 2411 Teal Damask Area RugAnise 2411 Teal Damask Area Rug collection by Kas Rugs

The popular KAS Bali Collection boasts a stunning combination of colorful, distinctive patterns with rich color tones that will stand out in any setting. Constructed of a durable densely woven polyacrylin blend, these hand-tufted rugs will add richness and warmth to your home. The Bali Collection features beautiful floral design along with a relaxed feel that exudes personality and warmth.

The exciting Mugal IN – 8035 Area Rug Collection by Surya Rugs are comprised of gorgeous hand-knotted rugs made in India of 100% Semi-Worsted New Zealand using traditional Tibetan weaving techniques.  These rug’s warm, earthy tones will bring your home a much-welcomed touch of elegance and comfort. With a soft, plush texture that belies this rug’s durability, the Mugal collection offers a variety of sizes for your convenience.

915a9ce0872f45acb865fc39fdb08fe3?wm=0&h=150&w=150&bg=FFFFFF& mugal in 8035 Oriental Rugs Buying GuideMugal IN – 8035 Area Rug Collection by Surya Rugs

Be sure to visit for a huge selection of rugs, home accents and accessories from the world’s top manufacturers available the best values anywhere.

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Rugs throughout History

Posted on April 10, 2014
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Rugs have been an integral home furnishing as far back as pre-historic times. Archeologists have even found evidence that woven fabrics and animal hides covered the floorings of dwellings in the Neolithic Age, more than ten thousand years ago. The Pazyryk rug, believed to have been made some 2500 years old, was found in 1949 in a tomb in Siberia. Well preserved within a frozen burial ground, it is the oldest rug in existence whose age has been documented by scientists.

Nomads from Asia are believed to be the first people to weave rugs in large quantities. Eventually, the Crusaders of the 11th and 12th Centuries brought Asian rugs with them when they returned to Europe. As a result, Oriental rugs became quite popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. In 16th Century North America, artisans from the Navajo tribe began weaving woolen rugs that exhibited colorful designs characterized by intricate geometric patterns.

lady rug weaving 1 Rugs throughout History

The Industrial Revolution and Rug Weaving

The advent of the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th Century brought mass production to the rug industry. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, rug making was largely a cottage industry. The introduction of new looms and innovative means of mechanization caused the textile industry to flourish. The rug and carpet industry began in earnest in the United States in 1791 when William Sprague started the first woven carpet mill in Philadelphia. Other carpet mills opened throughout the Eastern U.S. shortly thereafter.

Synthetic Fibers

A major breakthrough in the manufacturing of rugs was the introduction of synthetic fibers beginning in the late 1940s. Polyester was first used in the rug making industry in 1965; other synthetic materials were then introduced.

A Salute to History by Surya and the Smithsonian Institute
In recognition of the important role that rugs have played in history, Surya, a prominent manufacturer has collaborated with the world-famous Smithsonian Institute to create rugs that whose designs were inspired from artifacts housed within the Smithsonian’s museum and gallery archives. Affordable rugs from the Surya Smithsonian Collection can be found at, a popular online rug store.

Surya’s Smithsonian Collection

Each rug in the exclusive Smithsonian Collection has been hand-tufted from soft New Zealand wool. These plush rugs feature color palettes that reflect the original pieces and their time periods yet are in step with contemporary styling.

To explore an affordably priced selection of exquisite hand-tufted rugs from Surya’s Smithsonian Collection, please visit

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Little Known Facts about Rugs

Posted on February 25, 2014
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Did you know …

did you know Little Known Facts about Rugs

  1. New rugs should be cleaned right away! Because many new rugs, especially ones made of synthetic materials, undergo a process known as out-gassing, which is the evaporation of chemicals such as petroleum from its surface. This process creates an unpleasant smell which actually can cause nausea and dizziness in extremely rare cases. If you vacuum your rug immediately you can eliminate this problem.

  2. Each person sheds approximately 1.5 million flakes of skin per hour. A great many of these flakes become embedded in your rugs.

  3. Area Rugs can help keep your living environment healthy because they trap allergens, keeping them from becoming airborne where they are easily inhaled. And rugs are even healthier than wall-to-wall carpeting because wall-to-wall carpeting is a much more accessible breeding place for moisture, chemical spills, molds, and bacteria which can be harmful to humans and pets.

  4. Carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals) can accumulate in rugs and carpets and can prove dangerous to kids and pets.

  5. Fleas thrive in rugs and carpets.

  6. Club soda can work wonders for removing tough stains from your rugs.

  7. Mothballs are not effective in keeping moths away from your stored rugs.  Plus, they make the rugs smell unpleasant!

  8. You can often remove gum from your rug by pressing an ice cube against the gum. Eventually the gum will become brittle so you can remove it.

  9. The difference between a rug and a carpet comes down to size. Any piece smaller than 40 square feet is considered a rug.

  10. Rug pads prolong the life of your rugs by acting as a protective barrier between the rug and the floor, thus eliminating a major cause of wear and tear. Rug pads will also protect your floors from damage, especially in high traffic areas.

  11. Rug pads help reduce noise, especially echoes emanating from hardwood floors.

  12. Rug pads contribute to household safety by keeping, your rugs stable, which prevents people from slipping and falling.

  13. The world’s oldest knotted rug in existence is the Pazyryk Carpet, believed to be have been crafted in the 5th Century BC, making it approximately 2500 years old. It is housed in the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, Russia.

  14. When storing a rug, roll it with the pile facing in – don’t fold it. If you fold your rug it can develop permanent creases. If you live in an area that has high humidity, make sure you store your rugs in a place that has a source of air circulation.

For more information about rugs and to find the best deals you can shop conveniently online at trusted retail sites such as where you will find deep discounts on superb products by the world’s top manufacturers.

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Surya Rugs – A Rapidly Growing Company with a Heart

Posted on February 18, 2014
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Surya RugsSurya Rugs

A prestigious manufacturer of fine area rugs and home accessories, Surya Rugs has become one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. Providing services to more than 6,000 retail, e-commerce and design accounts, Surya Rugs offers a diverse product line consisting of over 30,000 products. It boasts eclectic collections of coordinating rugs, pillows, throws, wall decor, lighting and accent furniture designed to fit virtually every lifestyle and aesthetic taste.  With its elite group of world-class designers, Surya area rugs and accessories are noted for the innovative use of color and design. You can find a large inventory of Surya top quality rugs at the lowest prices anywhere at

Founded in Ugapur, India in 1976 by Surya Tiwari, the company began doing business in the United States in 1986. In 2004, Surya Tiwari appointed his son, Satya Tiwari as president of the company’s growing U.S. division.  Under Satya Tiwari’s direction, Surya Rugs amassed approximately $64 million in annual revenues from 2004 through 2012.

The company’s rapid-fire ascent to prominence in the rug industry can be traced to the determination and vision of its founder who forged a collaboration with the Federated Group (which has now become Macy’s) during meetings at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.  Surya Tiwari soon convinced representatives from the Federated Group to visit India to acquire exciting new products for its many stores in the United States. With Surya Tiwari overseeing the manufacturing facilities as well as the selection of products created by local artisans, the liaison with Federated Group blossomed into a thriving partnership that catapulted Surya Rugs into success.

Commitment to Charitable Giving

Equally impressive as the company’s remarkable growth within a highly competitive industry is its commitment to philanthropic causes that benefit communities across the globe. Following are a few of the company’s most important charitable initiatives:

* Through East Meets West, an international nonprofit organization that serves communities throughout Asia, Surya Rugs donates funds to impoverished high school students to help cover the cost of tuition, books, supplies and tutoring. Each year Surya supports East Meets West with direct contributions to sponsor scholarships which enable 200 girls to complete high school. The goal is to give these girls the tools they’ll need to become to become productive members of society.  The company also provides funding for five students to attend college.

*In 2012, Satya Tiwari donated $250,000 on behalf of Surya to Akshaya Patra which serves a nutritious lunch each day to more than 1.3 million children in rural India. In 2013, Surya employees raised an additional $38,000 for Akshaya Patra through its Miles for Meals initiative by running in a half-marathon fundraising event.

Surya Rugs at a Glance

*Founded in 1976 in the village of Ugapur in northeastern India

*Expanded its operations into the U.S. in 1986

*Surya Rugs has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest=growing private companies in the U.S.

*The company manufactures more than 30,000 products

For the best selection of rugs from Surya Rugs and other brand name manufacturers, please visit

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Hand Hooked Rugs & Runners : What You Need To Know Before Buying Online

Posted on February 4, 2014
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What You Need to Know About Hand Hooked Rugs and Runners

Hand hooked rugs have been popular since they were first developed in the 19th Century. Made by using a small hook that is similar to a crochet hook in order to pull loops and yard through a tautly woven base, hand hooked rugs are ideal for use in kitchens, dens and rec rooms. Some hand hooked rugs are especially designed to use outdoors. Most hand hooked rugs feature thin pile height, a stiff-looped construction and are quite durable. Because of the precise detailing involved, hand hooking lends itself to the creation of lovely, intricate designs that brighten up a room. You can find high quality hand hooked rugs in a variety of designs and colors from top manufacturers at retail online sites such as

Hand Hooked Outdoor Rugs

Made to withstand the elements, outdoor hand hooked rugs can add vibrancy and color to your patio or pool area and are easy to maintain. The Coastal Living Coral CI-09 White Outdoor Area Rug by Jaipur offers an attractive design at an extraordinary value. This elegant hand hooked area rug will enhance your décor whether you use it outdoors or inside. Each rug has been UV-stabilized to retard fading that makes it perfect for your sunroom or deck. Made of 100% polypropylene for exceptional durability. This beautiful hand hooked area rug is available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. You can also find gorgeous hand hooked outdoor rugs on from such top manufacturers as Momeni, Surya, and Couristan.

Hand Hooked Wool Rugs

Hand hooked wool rugs are available in a myriad of exquisite, colorful designs. Because they offer durability and comfort, hand hooked wool rugs are extremely desirable if you’re looking for a rug that will last for many years. The breathtakingly beautiful 100% wool Allure Floral Stripes M21 Green Hand Hooked Wool & Silk MER Rug features a gorgeous floral design that will add a touch of tasteful elegance to any room. Sold at at a dramatically discounted price, this striking hand hooked wool rugs represents one of the best values anywhere for a rug of the highest quality.

Hand Hooked Runners

If you’d like to add style and color to your staircase, you’ll love the Flor FLO – 8903 Hand Hooked 100% Wool Surya Runner. With its lovely floral design surrounded by warm colors, the Flor collection is a great addition for anyone who wants to add a dash of casual flair to their home décor. Hand hooked in China from 100% wool, this attractive hand hooked runner comes in Cream, Gold, Burgundy, Coral, Mint, Clay, Moss, Pale Mint, Ivory, Avocado, and Spanish Moss. Features a comfortable medium pile, looped texture.

For more outstanding values on hand hooked rugs along with a complete inventory of area rugs, outdoor rugs, stair runners, stair rods, home accents and rug accessories please visit where you’ll find the rugs you need at the prices you deserve.

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Manufacturer’s Spotlight : Japuir Area Rugs Online, A Brand Review

Posted on January 29, 2014
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Jaipur Rugs Online - A Brand Review

Manufacturer Spotlight: Jaipur Rugs, Inc.

One of the world’s most respected makers of hand-made rugs and carpets, Jaipur Rugs, Inc. was founded in 1978 in Jaipur, India with only two looms. However, with a unique business model that directly links artisans throughout India to a thriving manufacturing enterprise, Jaipur quickly expanded to become one of the most popular brands in the industry. The company now provides jobs for more than 50,000 workers, many who live in some of India’s most impoverished areas. With plants in more than 30 nations, Jaipur’s finely crafted rugs and carpets are available in retail stores and online destinations across the globe.

Now headquartered in Atlanta, Jaipur has built its reputation by creating rugs that feature vibrant colors, bold designs and superb craftsmanship. The Jaipur rug collections feature premium wool, jute, hemp, silk, and bamboo silk.

A Company with a Social Conscience

Among India’s largest employers of women, many of whom live in rural villages beset by desperate poverty, Jaipur Rugs, Inc. has distinguished itself throughout its history by setting high standards in social responsibility. In 2013, the company organized seven health care camps throughout rural India to provide free medical services to more than 3000 villagers. In 2010, in partnership with designer Jenny Jones Rugs Australia, Jaipur has offered literacy classes to thousands of women throughout India. Furthermore, in 2013 Jaipur spearheaded an educational effort to teach nearly 500 people in India the craft of making hand-knotted rugs.

Interesting Facts about Jaipur Rugs, Inc.

Did you know that…

*80% of Jaipur’s artisans are women?

*Jaipur’s 7,000 looms create more than 100,000 rugs each year?

*Jaipur rugs are sold to customers in 40 countries in the world?

*In 2013 Jaipur was given the “Times of India Social Impact” award for the company’s efforts to improve the welfare and education of local artisans living and working in rural India?

Shop for Gorgeous Jaipur Hand-made Rugs at Affordable Prices

To conveniently shop for beautiful, hand-made Jaipur Rugs you need go no further than your PC or smart phone. High-quality Jaipur Rugs are available at many trusted online retail destinations such as Here are just a sampling of the beautifully crafted Jaipur Rugs you’ll find online.

The Tribeca Collection by Jaipur Rugs features vibrantly colorful hand-woven area rugs that are ideal for any modern décor. These stunning rugs blend unique design elements to create a highly stylized textual look and feel. Made of durable 100% polyester, Tribeca Collection by Jaipur features a 1.25” pile height for added comfort.

The hand-tufted Traverse Collection by Jaipur Rugs features some of Jaipur’s most darling contemporary styles. Made of 100% wool, the Jaipur Traverse Collection boasts explores various motifs from exotic locales throughout the world. These vibrant, expertly crafted rugs feature high-low texture, ½” pile height and the incomparable quality that’s made Jaipur famous.

The Jaipur Rugs Urban Bungalow Collection brings cool sophistication to your contemporary setting. These strikingly vibrant flat weave designs will bring dazzling color and unique personality to your home. Made of 100% wool.

To see a huge inventory of Jaipur Rugs and affordable selections from other great manufacturers, please visit


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Pure Collection Hall Runners – Rubber Backed & Inexpensive

Posted on January 22, 2014
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purebeiege Pure Collection Hall Runners   Rubber Backed & Inexpensive


One of our better selling custom runner pieces is our exclusive Pure Collection. Priced at $6.99 per foot and equipped with an attached rubber backing, the Pure Collection is simply a cut and lay runner ideal for your hallway or stair. Pure is available in 4 solid colors ; Beige ( our best seller ), Denim , Grey & Red and is sold by the foot as long as you need. The width is fixed on the pure runner at 26″ wide. Construction is a loop pile poly-synthetic material that will clean easily and last in heavy traffic. If your in need of a lower price and easy to install runner that will go with virtually any style, come take a look at the Pure Collection at

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Oriental Weavers Sphinx Kaleidoscope Rugs Online : A Brief Review

Posted on January 22, 2014
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sphinxkaleidoscope Oriental Weavers Sphinx Kaleidoscope Rugs Online : A Brief Review

Kaleidoscope Collection by Oriental Weavers is an aggressive fashion forward rug collection meant to inspire, electrify and be noticed. Made of 100% Polypropylene means that the Kaleidoscope Collection will be easy to clean, inherently stain resistant and durable enough to stand up to the daily vigor faced in today’s busy homes. Kaleidoscope is available in a wide assortment of sizes as well as 18 distinctive patterns and colors, some of which include a stylized Union Jack Rug, Bold IKAT patterns and flashy zig zag modern rugs. Without a doubt the Kaleidoscope will be a mainstay in the arsenal of Oriental Weavers for the next few years, the questions is, will it be in your home as well? View Kaleidoscope Collection Here.

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Buying A Custom Stair Or Hall Runner Online – Tips And Best Ideas

Posted on January 20, 2014
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custom runner guide Buying A Custom Stair Or Hall Runner Online   Tips And Best Ideas

Stair Runner Buying Guide

Stair runners add color and elegance to the home and if you treasure peace and quiet, you’ll soon appreciate the way they muffle the sound of footsteps. You can find elegant, high-quality stair runners to fit any décor at online rug retail sites. Following are just a few of the styles, colors and designs among the huge inventory stair runners one may find online.

Everest Tanzania 5130/6232a Doeskin Custom Runner. This compelling animal print design features a gorgeous beige primary color accented by gold, black, light gold and camel. The pile height is approximately 1/3 inch. This extremely durable carpet runner is made of 100 percent polypropylene and will retain its integrity and beauty over many years of use.

Royal Emperor 4611.42 Navy Custom Runner. With its elegant, old world design the Royal Emperor Navy Custom Runner will add charm and color to your home. Available in a variety of finishing options. Already low price has been deeply discounted. A great buy!

Modern Damask MD-01 Cocoa Custom Runner. A gorgeous, 100 percent wool carpet runner, the Modern Damask MD-O1 features a primary cocoa color with cream, gold, burgundy and blue accents. Plush ½ inch pile height makes this custom runner extremely comfortable. Durably constructed for long lifetime.

Wandering Vines 061 Ivory Custom Runner by Rug One Imports offers an unusual yet elegant design that will add color and sophistication to your home décor. A striking combination of primary beige color with ivory and light brown accents. Machine made of 100 percent New Zealand wool and art silk accents. With its durable construction and approximate ½ inch pile height, the Wandering Vines 061 Ivory Custom Runner offers comfort and a long lifetime of use.

Tips for Selecting Your Stair Runner

*Select your desired width. Carpet runners come in a variety of widths so be sure to measure your steps before ordering. . The runner should be approximately 6 inches narrower than the staircase measured between a baluster and the skirt board.

*Select your finishing options. Finishing options may include serging ends, which is a basic form of finishing in which the ends of the runner are bound to prevent unraveling. Or you might have the option to select end capping, which fully frames the side border of the runner.

*Select pads for your stair runner. Pads placed beneath the stair runner will reduce wear and tear while adding a plush, luxurious feel. Be sure to use a firm pad constructed of synthetic or natural fibers. The pad should be at least ¼ inch thick and weigh at least 32 ounces a yard. Payless Rugs highly recommends that the stair tread and nose of the step be padded with a quality pad like our Dura Grip Plus Stair Tread Pad, to avoid premature wear.

*Warning! Do not use stair rods to hold stair runners in place. Stair rods are for decorative use only and are not effective in holding your stair runner in place.

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Nourison India House Rugs On Sale In January – 50% Off

Posted on January 20, 2014
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INDIAHOUSE IH23 Nourison India House Rugs On Sale In January   50% Off

The India House Collection by Nourison is the pinnacle in combining exceptional construction with money saving value. Made of 100% wool and hand tufted for an extraordinary feel, the India House Collection features over 30 traditional patterns that will surely add elegance to your home.  Now during the month of January, is featuring the India House Collection at the highly discounted sale of 50% off.  During this sale you will pay only $219.50 for a 5 x 8 room size wool rug! Need bigger? Pay just $472.50 for the largest 8 x 11 size,…remember this is wool we are talking about, the prices are incredible! Hurry, you will not want to miss out on this unique buy. Click Here To View Collection

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